Things to do

Things to do

Bingin is a stunning beach with unrivalled views over the Indian Ocean and the great wave that make it one of the most demanded surfing points by surfers in Bali and the world. The five star wave here is big, powerful and challenging. It has been able to stimulate and fascinate the adrenaline of every surfer, and especially the experienced and professional surfers.  Although a small distance away from the parking area, it’s never been easier to walk down to the beach with an access that keeps getting better.

Kecak Dance   Bali Wake Park   Nunggalan beach

Kecak fire dance show

Every night at 6 pm at the Uluwatu temple the story of Ramanyana is being told through dancing, chanting and fire with the setting sun as a backdrop.

Bali Wake Park

Bali Wake Park is a new and exciting addition in the world of water sports. They feature a state-of-the-art full size cable systems built around a 5 hectare lake. The lake is about 45 minutes from Bingin

Nunggalan Beach

Care for a beach all to yourself? That’s Nyang Nyang for you! Especially with the parts of an abandoned vessel laying around the beach – perfect for a photo-op, or even a quaint little exploration.
Uluwatu Temple   Single Fin   Balangan Beach

Uluwatu Temple

This mystical temple was built in the 11th century and rises 100 metres above the sea.

Single Fin

A few short years ago one of Bali’s first professional surfers Made Kasim teamed up with long time Indo veteran Tai Graham to create a surfer’s hangout worthy of the iconic wave it overlooks.

Balangan Beach

Nestled on Bali's southern coast, Balangan is loved by surfers and beach bums alike.